Reliable. Scalable. Flexible.

Meeting Future Demands Now, Count on FPT!

FP Telecommunications| FPT, a leading network construction management company with extensive experience, capable of delivering advanced “tailor-made” subsea cable and networking solutions.

FPT has direct presence in more than 15 countries and extensive network partnerships covering any location in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

FPT offers a seamless and integrated experience to address the increasing global capacity demands.  Delivering a full suite of network infrastructure services including infrastructure analysis, design, construction management, O&M, and financial advocacy through investor engagement.


Be the benchmark in the telecommunications industry by providing the most efficient and reliable network solutions utilizing the latest technologies.


Design and build network infrastructure and subsea cable systems to support the capacity demands of the future, by using state of the art telecommunications products and services


Excellence, transparency, communication, and commitment.